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Gold Account
The Hacker Project Gold Account details
  Features after upgrading to Gold:
  • One time special bonus: 1605000 HPD
  • One time special bonus: 1750 AP
  • To all hardware upgrades prices: 20% Discount
  • To all software research prices: 20% Discount
  • Secure FTP ingame server with 20 Gb space to keep the important software. Only your account can access it.
    FTP Storage can also be increased by supporting the game, from your Gold options.
  • Can bounce up to 20 nodes on a connection instead of 5 nodes.
  • Can hold 5000 Action Points on the account.
  • Can edit owned servers name and description.
  • Guaranteed ad-free game interface for all Gold Accounts.
  • View detailed last activity info on friends / enemies.
  • Install twice the amount of Robber Baron virii.
  The email you are paying from does not matter, it is not necesary to be the same as the ingame email address. Once a request is made and completed, your account will automatically be upgraded to Gold, using PayPal's avdanced technology.
  The upgrade is $20 for 1 year. The upgrade is not recurring, if you chose to renew your Gold Account in 1 year, you can do so from here. You will see your remaining Gold account days in the "Account options" page on the left menu. If your Gold account expires, your Secure FTP files will be preserved, but you will not be able to access them until you extend the Gold at witch time you will receive the Gold HPD bonus again.

New features will be available faster if more players would choose to upgrade, as this will motivate me to make The Hacker Project more enjoyable.
So, with your Gold upgrade you are also helping The Hacker Project and it's creator in developing this great game.

You can view a screenshot of how the FTP server works here

Thank you for reading,  Sir Emi

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