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Revelation Day   Revelation is the ultimate virus, designed by True Light to destroy the mega-corporations and establish a new order for the people. Revelation has also been declared a Doom's Day device, as the chain reaction that will get rid of the mega-corporation menace will also destroy True Light servers and private gateways.

  Revelation virus uses a complex algorithm to overload remote servers and cause an explosive chain reaction that will convert a regular server into an explosive device. Once installed, the virus will search the network and create a list for the chain reaction. The Revelation virus has a unique signature that is visible across the world network. The server running the Revelation virus will have it's defenses negated by the virus process. A private information facilitator can only install one virus.

  Before it can start the chain reaction, the virus needs to create an artificial Intranet network consisting of 10 x Revelation viruses. After 10 Revelation viruses have been installed, a timer starts to count the last 24 hours before the chain reaction reaches critical state. If at any time during the last 24 hours the Revelation network is disabled completely using Faith, the world network may be saved.

  Faith can also keep a balance and save the world if it can keep the Revelation network from forming by not allowing it to grow to 10 Revelation viruses.

  The aftermath of Revelation will provide a new starting ground for newbie and veteran players alike. The Hall of Fame will be updated with the best players and their greatest version of software. All gateway software, backups, hardware, resources will reset and a new round will begin from the ashes of the old world. You will not lose your account status / user, only the resources are reset. New players will have the chance to rise up and claim the top.

Revelation vs. Faith technical specs

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