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The Hacker Project game guide This guide will explain the game mechanics of The Hacker Project online game.

For a more detailed guide, you cal also check out Game Guide 2.0 by Exousia
Starting out
Gateway security
Finding targets
Connecting to remotehost
Public FTP
Cracking - breaking the target
Covering the tracks
Running software
Completing tasks
Upload / Download
Remote tasks vs. localhost
Changing gateway password
Changing gateway IP
Formatting the gateway
Earning Hacker Project Dollars (HPD)
Bulletin board missions
Installing virii
Collecting profits
Stealing profits
Action Points
Software Types & specs
Stealth & Infiltration
Bouncing a connection
Hiding / encrypting files
Scanning a target
Sniffer vs. IP Cloaker
Recovering logs
Malware software
Hijacker software
Anti-Virus disinfection
Acquiring an IP with software
Virus Breaker / Capture a virus
Research, backup & upgrades
Researching software
Software dealer
Upgrading the gateway
New owned servers
Secure FTP servers
Revelation Day
Revelation vs. Faith
Revelation virus technical details
Faith anti-virus technical details
Hall of Fame
Gateway security Top
The gateway provides your computer with total anonymity against intruders. The most important thing to remember is to always run a good Firewall Protect and Password Protect software on your gateway.

When starting up, you have to run those two services to be safe against others before connecting to the public servers. Click on "Gateway" in the menu on the left, then click "Files / Programs" right of where is says localhost. You should see a list with the files on the server. Look for the Firewall Protect and Password Protect, you can click on "FW" or "PSW" to filter the files. Click "Run" on the Firewall Protect, do the same for "Password Protect".

You are now good to login to the public servers.
Finding targets Top
A target is usually another IP address that you can connect to. You can find IP addresses / targets in many places. The most obvious place to find one is in the server logs, however you have to crack the admin pass before you can access the logs. When you connect to a server, no logs are written until you connect as an administrator or start to do administrator tasks, so you should safe connecting to the public servers when starting the game.

IP targets can also be found in the "Running Software" when uploading / downloading files, deleting files and other remote tasks. Spyware software can be used by experienced hackers to steal the gateway IP address along with the profits of money making software. You can also receive target IPs in missions you get via the True Light / Mega-corporations bulletin boards on the server. The software dealer can also sell you specific IPs that contain specific software the you may want.
Connecting to remotehost Top
Click on "IP Database" in the left menu, then choose a public server with software on it and click connect, for example "True Light Software Repository #1". True Light has uploaded several software on a few servers and keeping them public for all information facilitators to use. You can find good starting software there. Your first priority should be to make a few Hacker Project Dollars (HPD). Now you can do this by choosing a mission from the Bulletin Board on the servers or you can scavenge for IPs and download an "Adware Spam Daemon" and install it on the victims targets.

Once connected to the server you should click on "Public FTP" on the lower of the page.
Public FTP Top
You should see a list of the public software on the server. Choose a small file since you don't have a good bandwidth connection at the start, choose "Adware Spam Daemon V 0.1" should be about 100 Mb. Leave only one download active, since your bandwidth will be split among the number of downloads.

While you wait for your virii file to download, you should check the "Bulletin Board" for some missions to delete files or kill process types. To complete a delete file mission, you only need to crack the admin on the target, so you will need to activate your "Firewall Bypass" and "Password Breaker" software. If you fond a mission on the server, accept it, it should take you to "Mission data". You should see the target IP and a detailed description of the mission.

Now you need to click on the IP address in your mission, it will take you to the connect screen.
Cracking - breaking the target Top
You are now connected to the target IP, but to reach the file you want to delete or process to kill, you need to crack the server for the admin access. Make sure you have the two programs needed, "Firewall Bypass" and "Password Breaker" running on the gateway.

Click on "Crack admin" in the lower of the connect page, it will open up a crack screen. It takes time to crack a server, but if you have the hardware you can lower the crack time at the expense of resources. The firewall bypass will automatically bypass the target firewall, and you should see the "Start Crack" button. Click the button and look into your "Running software" on the gateway for the crack process. Note the time until it's done. Once the task is completed, click "task complete" in your gateway "Running Software". You should now have the admin access.

You now have to complete the mission. If you need to delete a file, make a note of the file # in "Mission data", once you access the remote host, look after this # in the Files / Programs from the remote host. Each file has a # attached to it, just right of the action menu. When you found the file you are looking for, you can just click delete to start the delete process. It should take some time to delete the file, you can see the remaining time in Running Software on remote host. You can have several delete file processes running at the same time on different targets, but in order to complete the delete process you have to be connected to the target, so once the delete process has been completed, connect to the target access the Running Software and complete the process. That way, you can do several missions at one, increasing your HPD income.

If you only need to kill a process, you can do so instantly, just access the remotehost "Running Software" and look for the process # stated in the mission data. When found, just click "Kill" just left of the process #. Go to the "Mission data" and quickly click complete. If you have many missions, you may see some of them get completed by someone else. This is normal, the corporations give missions to everyone and the reward is taken on a first come first served basis so don't take too long completing a mission or someone else may snatch it.
Covering the tracks Top
You logged into the remote server with the admin access, deleted the mission file or killed the mission process, but now the server logs show lots on info about your gateway IP and what it did. You have to cover the tracks, you can do so by removing the logs or just replacing them with something else, maybe another IP address...

You can do this by starting your "Log Deleter" software. Go to your gateway Files / Programs and look in "ETC" for the Log Deleter, it should be a small file. Run the file to get a process. If you need to stop something to free some resources do so from the gateway Running Software. If you already cracker the admin pass, you don't need the "Password Breaker" process, you can kill that and run the "Log Deleter".

Now access the remotehost "Logs" and just replace or delete the logs. Note your "Log Deleter" version, if you have a too low version the logs can also be recovered with a "Log UnDeleter". The Undeleter has to have an equal or higher version the the Deleter to be able to recover the logs. If you're feeling like you are being watched, you can also delete your gateway logs too. Always check your gateway logs and look for any suspicious or missing logs, it may indicate your gateway is compromised. If you suspect a major attack on your gateway, you can "Change IP" but it cost HPD to change it...
Running Software
Completing tasks Top
Many of the server tasks like uploads, downloads, installing virii, disinfecting virii, deleting files take time to do. Provided your gateway and the remote host has enough resources to complete the tasks, it may take a lower or higher amount of time depending on the machine. When connected to a remotehost, some running tasks are visible on both localhost and remotehost. Some tasks may only be completed by localhost and can not be accessed remotely, other tasks may require a direct connection to the remotehost to be completed, like download / uploads or deleting files.

Once you started a remote process, you don't have to stay connected to the remote host in order to complete the task, you just need to connect again and complete the task from the remote host once the timer has passed.
Upload / Download Top
Uploads / downloads require bandwidth. The more bandwidth your gateway has, the lower the time needed to transfer the file. Check often if you have virii that use bandwidth you may need to disinfect in order to use the full bandwidth amount again. Once a transfer has been initiated, a timer will inform you when the transfer is complete in the gateway "Running Software". When the task is complete, connect to the remotehost and click on the "task complete" link in Running Software to complete the transfer.
Remote tasks vs. localhost Top
Some tasks may only be completed via localhost and can not be done via remote access, other tasks may not be killed or may require to stop a child process. Follow the error path and you should be able to complete the task if all conditions are met. When doing missions, keep an eye out for others trying to do the same objective.
Changing gateway password Top
So you noticed a deleted log entry and don't have a higher "Log Undeleter" to see who was there, or you feel like too many people cracked your gateway admin. Or you found a new and shiny "Firewall Protect" or "Password Protect" software.

Then you need to change your gateway password. If you install a new Firewall while not having changed the password, someone that already got your admin can login at will even if not having any firewall bypass and could even steal your hard worked for file. It is imperative that the password be changed when upgrading the gateway defense software.

To change the password, just click on "Gateway" and then "Change pwd" in the right of the gateway screen. You should notice the running process, once the timer is done click on "task complete". All others that cracked your admin will now lose the admin access and have to crack the admin again. Provided your defense software version is high enough, you should be safe from incursion.
Changing gateway IP Top
You expect an attack on the gateway any day or just too much time passed from the last change, or you did a huge hack that will certainly have repercussions and you feel like you need to go under again? Then the IP change is the option to go for. It costs some HPD to do, but you will get a new shiny IP for your gateway. All traces leading to you will be erased, and all virii on your gateway will lose connection with their masters. You will still have to disinfect the virii but others can not use them to spy / steal from you. Complete the IP change process from "Running Software".

You can also change the gateway server if you have more owned servers. To do so, access "IP Database" on the left menu and click on "Make Gateway" on other owned servers you may have.
Formatting the gateway Top
So your gateway is crawling with worms, virii, spyware and other nasty things that you just can't get rid of? You don't have that much software on the gateway, or you already backed up most of it? Then you can format the gateway and erase all those nasty things. All your software will be gone, but hey, you can download it from the backups or public servers again. Complete the format process from "Running Software".
Earning Hacker Project Dollars (HPD)
Bulletin board missions Top
You can access mission on the public servers from the bulletin board. To find the bulletin board, click "Connect" on the left menu, and after connecting to a remote host, look on the lower page menu for the link that says "Bulletin Board". Clicking the link will open the missions available on the server. Different servers have different missions, and the mission target can also differ. True Light servers will offer missions against mega-corporations, and also against hackers of the True Light servers, while the mega-corp servers can offer anti-hacker missions. The amount and diversity of the missions depends primary on the events and actions in the game.

You can also find secret servers with advanced softwares while doing missions. True Light anti mega-corp movement and the mega-corporations will open up secret servers all the time, so it's best to accept as many missions as you can. There is no penalty for not completing a mission, and you could find missions of opportunity. Others will compete with you in completing missions, so it is very important to keep a low profile while at the same time sabotaging others that try to complete the same objective.

Missions can take you into a target system in order to delete a file, stop a process, disinfect a virus etc. Your actions in the game may also contribute in the mega-corps or True Light making your gateway a mission target. You are usually made a mission target if you steal files or upload and install virii on their servers. When you are a mission target, it usually means one of your hacking tools of higher version files will be the target for the mission. If you suspect you are a target of a mega-corp, you should change IP and backup your data. While the mission objective will not do extensive damage, the hacker completing the mission may not stop at the mission objective and may also install virii on your gateway.

The mission details are in your "Mission data" screen, once you complete the objective, make sure you click on "complete" from the mission data screen, so you can get your reward.
Installing virii Top
Virii come in different forms and shapes. The most important virii is the money making ones. You should install them wherever you think it will bring you the most profit. The basic 0.1 versions of virii can be obtained from True Light software repository servers. Just access the "Public FTP" and download them. Make sure the virii are hidden or encrypted or both, since a hacker could install the virii and make them his own if not properly stored.

"Adware Spam Daemon", is a light spam mail daemon that will bring a nice profit while keeping a low bandwidth usage on the infected system. Higher versions will require more space and rack in more profits.

"File Share Virus" requires more bandwidth and is more bulk and hard to upload but brings in 20x times more profits then the adware. This is the heavy weight HPD money making software.

The money making virii take HPD from the owner of the server.
The best place to install them is on the public or secret mega-corporation servers.

When installing money making virii on yourself or other players gateways:
If you install virii on yourself, you will gain and lose HPD, so the result will always be 0 HPD gained.

When installing on other players gateways, you will draw from their HPD account. If there is no HPD in their account, then the collect will be skipped and collect time will not reset. If there is some HPD in their account, you will get the amount there, up to the collection amount depending on version / time running.

Example: If you install a 0.1 adware on someone and collect after 10 hours, the estimated collect amount will be 30 HPD. If he has only 10 HPD available in his account, you will get 10 HPD. If he has more then 30 HPD, you will get 30 HPD. He will get a log entry in Finances that will reflect a "Virus Leak", indicating that someone stole some HPD from him.
Collecting profits Top
The installed virii will run and do their job on the infected system. The more time the virii run on the remote host the more profits will be gathered. To collect the profits, click the "Software" link in the left menu to access the software installed. There you will see a list of all the virii you have around the world. You can issue commands, collect profits, view software logs etc. A great deal of information can be obtained from the software you have installed, including target IPs.

When collecting profits from money making software, you should take great care in avoiding spyware viruses on the host. If the host has active spyware with a higher version then your installed vir, your profits may be intercepted and your gateway IP revealed int the spyware logs. If such an action were to happen, you should connect to the remote host and disinfect the spyware, that way the hacker that installed it will lose the logs along with the intercepted profits.
Stealing profits Top
"Spyware" is a small but tricky piece of software, it will intercept communication between the gateway and the remote host money making virii. If the version of the spy is higher then the installed virii, when the gateway attempts to collect the profits, the spy will intercept and log the gateway IP while stealing the whole profit. This sis the ultimate cov ops software for the experienced hacker. Requires more CPU and memory but no bandwidth. Access the software logs from the "Software" link in the left menu.
Action Points Top
The action points are time units, you get 1 AP each minute that you can use to complete tasks or kill processes.
Everyone will start with 3000 AP.

Below is a list of the tasks that take AP. AP is only used when you complete a task or kill a process. You gain AP while offline and can use it when you come back online.

Maximum AP at one time:

Gold members: 5000
Other players: 3000

- install virus: 15 AP + (depending on size & version)
- disinfect: 20 AP
- hide / unhide: 10 AP
- capture virus: 120 AP
- identify virus: 10 AP
- scan IP: 35 AP
- encrypt / decrypt: 20 AP
- complete upload / download: 10 AP
- change IP: 300 AP
- change pass: 30 AP
- format HDD: 300 AP
- complete research: 30 AP
- crack password: 15 AP
- kill process: 5 AP (only when killing non-gateway process)
Software Types & specs Top
An ingame list of software types with their exact size and resource usage can be found here.
You can also find a list of the programs description and usage on the forum if you click here.

Stealth & Infiltration
Bouncing a connection Top
You can "bounce" a connection via the "IP Database" on the left menu, or trough the connection screen. You will need admin access to bounce the connection. If you have Gold, you can bounce up to 20 servers on one connection, 5 for non-Gold. Bouncing the connection means your gateway IP will be very hard to detect you will leave proxy logs on each node you bounce, but for someone to track your IP he has to login as admin on each and every node and inspect the logs.

If some or all the log entries are modified or deleted, someone tracking your IP would have a very hard time recovering all the logs to reach the first node. You should perform a bounce when you are attacking an online target that could come after you and you need time to cover the tracks faster.
Hiding / encrypting files Top
After installing a virus, it is a very good idea to hide and/or encrypt the file. That way your target will not be able to see the file in "Files / Programs". In the case of virii consuming host resources, the virii process will still show up in "Running Software", however the virii process can not be stopped.

You can also use hiding / encryption to protect sensitive and high version files that you don't want to get into the wrong hands, or hide your un-installed virii. Take note that if you hide a file and don't have a higher or equal version of "Unhide" software running you will not be able to see the file again until you acquire the unhide software, so be careful.
Scanning a target Top
Using the "IP Scanner" you can effectively scan a target defenses and acquire some general information about it. The higher the scanner version the more information it will report. The scanner will report firewall version, password protect version, highest software version on target, and hardware information on the remote host if successful.
No logs are made when scanning, so it is a perfectly ok tool to use prior to an attack on an unknown system. A "Scan Blocker" can be run on a system to prevent a scanner from acquiring a positive scan. The blocker version has to be greater then the scanner version in order to effectively protect the host.
Sniffer vs. IP Cloaker Top
The "Sniffer" is an information virii, it is used for gathering admin login IPs and proxy connections IPs. The virii will record it's own log with the incoming and outgoing connections and the hacker controlling the virus will be able to access the software logs remotely, effectively monitoring the remote target.

The "IP Cloaker", when run as an active process on the computer connecting to the remote host, will bypass the "Sniffer" if the cloak version is higher or equal to the sniffer. When bypassing the sniffer, no logs will be reported as the incoming connection will be invisible to the sniffer. The server logs will still record the actions if the the computer has logged in as and admin connection.
Recovering logs Top
Any server log can be recovered, provided a high enough "Log UnDeleter" version is running on the gateway. To recover the logs, just click on "Logs" of localhost or remotehost and then click "Recover". In the case of modified logs, the recovery will restore the original version. "Log UnDeleter" version has to be equal or higher then the "Log Deleter" version used to delete / modify to logs.
Malware software Top
Malware comes into two different flavors, you can find them on the True Light repository servers under virii. First is the "Malware Logic Bomb", when installed on a host it will enable the hacker to activate the bomb remotely from the "Software" screen. The bomb will damage software on the target, reducing the software version or removing it completely.

"Malware Overload Bomb" is used when the hacker wants to destroy / damage hardware on the target system, when activated remotely from the "Software" screen on the left menu, it will damage some of the hardware on the host. If the target hardware is too low, it won't do much damage since the hardware will not overload as quickly.
Hijacker software Top
Hijacker software will enable the hacker to monitor incoming uploads on the host of the "Data uplink hijack" virus. If an upload is completed, the software will copy a version of the software in a hidden location on the host, only accessible via the hijack program. Since the file is intercepted directly from the router and the communications are encrypted, the file will also be encrypted with a version equal to the intercepted software version. An experienced hacker will have to rely on a good decryptor in order to take advantage of hijacked software.
Anti-Virus disinfection Top
Each virus has an anti-virus that can disinfect the file. To use an anti-virus, the program needs to be on the same host as the installed virus. Once the AV is on the same system, access Files / Programs and click "Run AV" on the anti-virus. One AV process can disinfect one virus at a time, and it requires time to complete. The higher the virus version, the higher an AV version is required, and more time to disinfect. The progress of the anti-virus disinfection process is shown in the Running Software screen.

On missions that require a file to be disinfected, you will most likely have to upload the AV on the target host first. Those mission have a higher reward.
Acquiring an IP with software Top
To acquire an IP with software you should use the "Sniffer" and "Spyware" virii. Access the target where you see some virii installed, upload and istall the sniffer and spy virii. Then wait some time, a couple of hours or longer in some cases, and then access the "Software" screen on the main left menu. Click on "Soft Logs" to check on the information the software gathered and note any interesting IP's. If the virii get disinfected, the software logs will be lost.
Virus Breaker / Capture a virus Top
The Virus Breaker is a tool to capture an active virus, taking complete control of the installed virus.

Once the capture process is completed, the owner of the virus losses control in favor of the new owner. Active time is reset to 0. Logs are NOT deleted and can be accessed by the new owner. Only the ownership of the installed virus is transfered.

Minimum time for capture is 75 seconds per 1 Megabyte. If virus version is higher then Virus Breaker version, capture modifier comes into play: captureModifier = 1 + virusVersion - breakerVersion; Modifier is then multiplied by the default time to determine the new time.
Time for capture can not go below default time (75 sec for each 1 Mb). What this means is if the Breaker version is equal or more then the virus version you get the best time (75 for 1 Mb), if the virus is higher you get increasingly worse time.

At 0.1 version the Virus Breaker uses 300 CPU / 11000 RAM. Every capture attempt uses 120 AP, so it's best to capture higher end viruses to lower the AP cost / virus version.
Virus Breaker can be downloaded on True Light starter server FTP and can also be found in missions.
Can only be used from owned gateway by owner, you can't upload and use on remote server.

Launch process as remote or localhost to begin a capture process. The process does not have any effect on the target virus up until the capture is complete, at witch time virus ownership is transfered. Previous owner gets a notification of lost connection with virus. On capture, active timer for collection is reset and Spyware captured amount is also reset.
Does not take into account if the virus is hidden or encrypted, given the time it will capture it regardless.
Can re-activate dead and installed virus.

Research, backup & upgrades
Researching software Top
Research is the most important part of the game, in order to stay ahead of the competition you have to research and upgrade your software version. A high virus version is harder to disinfect and earns more HPD. A higher software version will secure an upper hand on a lower hacker. It is also of utmost importance that the high version software be protected at all costs. Only the owner of the server can research and complete research tasks.

To research software, click on "Research" link on the left main menu. Now click "Research" again next to the server you want to research on. You will see a list of the files on the owned server. If you have hidden files, make sure your unhide software is running, or else you may not see the soft you are looking for.

It costs HPD to research and develop software but you will not need to pay for the research job until it is completed so you can very well start a big research job in advance and pay whenever you have the required HPD. The researched file will run on the system consuming resources, so make sure there are enough resources to cover all the research jobs and insure you can still operate the gateway properly. If not, you can always stop the research job from Running Software at no cost.

When the research time has passed, check Running Software and complete the research task. Provided you have enough HPD, version of the selected file will be upgraded to a higher version. You can now use the file at this version. Any running processes of the file will have to be stopped and started again in order to take advantage of the new version. You may want to hide / encrypt / backup any high end version software you may have or others may steal / delete the program.
Software dealer Top
If you have the HPD, you can also buy fully researched software from the anonymous software dealer. Access "Software" on left main menu, then click on "Purchase software". You will see the available software, you can select higher versions by clicking on the version number right of Available Software. Take note that higher version software requires more resources to run and store, if you buy a high end version you may also need to upgrade the gateway. Once you decided to purchase something, just click on "Purchase". The software will be delivered instantly to the gateway, provided you have the required HPD and space to store the soft.

You can also "Purchase target IP" from the software dealer. This is very useful when trying to pinpoint farming / backup servers, it could offer you an very nice IP target pointing to a backup server with lots of good software on it. Depending on the target to search for, the dealer will require a larger fee.
Upgrading the gateway Top
While researching and finding higher software versions or completing missions, you may require more and more resources to maintain the hacking empire. For this, you have an anonymous upgrade dealer that will offer hardware with no questions asked for a fee. To check out his offers, click on "Hardware" on the left menu. You will be presented with several upgrade options. Enter a number of times on a box or several boxes you want to upgrade. You will be presented with a quote of how much HPD is required to complete the transaction. You can upgrade a server as many times as you want, there is no limit to how powerful the server may be. Once you are satisfied with the quote, click on "Upgrade" next to one of your owned servers. An experienced hacker may want to spread the upgrades on several servers or just upgrade one big gateway, that is up to you.
New owned servers Top
The anonymous upgrades dealer will also offer you a brand new server. A new server is a great thing to have, it can serve as a backup server for your important software, or as an attack server when performing dangerous actions where you expect to be traced. Or, you can just keep lots of virii and farm them :)

If you want to buy a new server, just click "Buy Server" after accessing the "Hardware" screen. It costs a good amount of HPD to get a new server, but the rewards are well worth the effort. Once you have a new server, you can access "IP Database" on the left menu. You can change your gateway from there if want to set it to another owned server. To change the gateway, click on "Make Gateway". It does not cost anything to change the gateway and is performed instantly. This way you could be running tasks on several systems at once, completing more missions, hacking more or researching more.
Secure FTP servers Top
The secure anonymous FTP server is available for all that choose to support the Hacker Project by upgrading their accounts to Gold status. The server is accessed by clicking "Gold FTP server" on the left menu. It will open the Secure FTP screen. From there you will be able to upload files from your owned server and download to the owned servers from the FTP.

The upload process requires time proportional to your owned server available bandwidth, but once the file is on the FTP server, it can be downloaded instantly to any owned server, providing a reliable backup method for very important files.

To backup a file on the Secure FTP, click "Upload" next to the desired server. Select the file and start the upload task. You can complete the task from the Running Software on the selected server. To download a file, you can click "Download" and select the server to download. The file will be instantly copied to the selected owned server.
Revelation Day
Revelation vs. Faith Top
Revelation is the ultimate virus, designed by True Light to destroy the mega-corporations and establish a new order for the people. Revelation has also been declared a Doom's Day device, as the chain reaction that will get rid of the mega-corporation menace will also destroy True Light servers and private gateways.

Revelation virus uses a complex algorithm to overload remote servers and cause an explosive chain reaction that will convert a regular server into an explosive device. Once installed, the virus will search the network and create a list for the chain reaction. The Revelation virus has a unique signature that is visible across the world network. The server running the Revelation virus will have it's defenses negated by the virus process. A private information facilitator can only install one virus.

Before it can start the chain reaction, the virus needs to create an artificial Intranet network consisting of 10 x Revelation viruses. After 10 Revelation viruses have been installed, a timer starts to count the last 24 hours before the chain reaction reaches critical state. If at any time during the last 24 hours the Revelation network is disabled completely using Faith, the world network may be saved.

Faith can also keep a balance and save the world if it can keep the Revelation network from forming by not allowing it to grow to 10 Revelation viruses.

The aftermath of Revelation will provide a new starting ground for newbie and veteran players alike. The Hall of Fame will be updated with the best players and their greatest version of software. All gateway software, backups, hardware, resources will reset and a new round will begin from the ashes of the old world. You will not lose your account status / user, only the resources are reset. New players will have the chance to rise up and claim the top.

Revelation virus technical details Top
Revelation virus has a chance to spawn on True Light research servers that have a password protect / firewall protect of at least version 1.0 or higher. When the virus is downloaded on a private gateway, it will leave a unique trace across the network and the server IP containing the virus will be visible across the world network in the Revelation Day room of the left menu. The virus will be visible regardless if it is installed or not.

Once installed, the virus will begin the process of collecting data for the purpose of starting the Revelation Day or Doom's Day. One information facilitator can only install ONE Revelation virus, regardless of how many servers one owns. Only ONE Revelation virus can be installed by one person. There can be more Revelation virii on the same host, with different owners.

If the Revelation virus has been installed, it will negate all defenses on the host it is running on. All incoming attacks will ignore defenses of the target if target has a Revelation installed on it. Further more, the Revelation virus can not be encrypted or hidden. Only ONE Revelation virus can be installed every 6 hours. If another Revelation install process completed, it will notify the remaining time before another Revelation virus can be installed. The Revelation virus can not be uploaded on a Secure FTP.

If one has a Revelation virus, a certain most powerful action is available. The Revelation virus acts as a remote overload system. Depending on running time and version, it can be activated on a remote host to destroy hardware remotely. Such action is considered as the ultimate destruction and is regarded as a prelude to Revelation Day.

Faith anti-virus technical details Top
Faith has been developed by the mega-corporations research servers in an attempt to defend against the Revelation virus. They are actively seeking outside help from information facilitators to defend against the Revelation menace.

When a Revelation virus is spawned on a True Light server, each of the three mega-corps will spawn a Faith anti-virus on one of their servers in an attempt to stop the Revelation from spreading.

Faith anti-virus is faster then a normal anti-virus, but can only be used to disinfect the Revelation virus. The Revelation virus locations can be found in the Revelation Day room of the left main menu. Faith should target the virus as soon as it is installed, or else if the Revelation virus network reaches 10 x installed Revelation viruses a countdown timer will start to count the last 24 hours before the world is destroyed. If Faith manages to disinfect all Revelation viruses before the countdown timer, the world would be saved.

Special Faith action: Once a Faith disinfect process has started, it can only be stopped by the gateway that initiated the process. Faith keeps a locked connection on the Revelation virus and the disinfect process can not be stopped via remote access.

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The Hall of Fame is updated with the legendary players from each round after Revelation Day.

The Top 10 players will be recored, along with their best software version and names, best server hardware specs and their power for all to remember.

Good luck out there and safe hacking!

For a more detailed guide, you cal also check out Game Guide 2.0 by Exousia

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