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Program types All program types in The Hacker Project, with the exact size for a 0.1 version.
To get the size / usage for a particullar version, please multiply by (version/0.1).
For size, 1 kb = 1024 bytes.

Name Description CPU Memory Bandwidth Size bytes
Firewall Protect Protects the host against unwanted connections 50 3000 0 7680000
Firewall Bypass Penetrates the target firewall by masquerading as a legitimate user 80 7000 0 38400000
Password Protect Protects the host computers against crack attempts 100 5000 0 8700000
Password Break Executes dictinary and brute force attacks on the target host to crack the password 200 12500 0 87000000
Hide Files Will hide the target file from the harddrive list. File will not be counted when determining space left on drive. 100 9000 0 102400000
Unhide Files Will try to find hidden files on the hard drive. If successful, the files will be revealed. 100 9000 0 204800000
Encryptor Will encrypt target files. Also used in encrypted coms to upload an encrypted file on the target host. 600 30000 0 350000000
Decryptor Will decrypt encrypted files if encrypted with a smaller or equal version. 900 40000 0 450000000
SpyWare Intercepts bank wire transfers on the host when collecting income from lower or equal money making software. 300 900 0 51200000
Anti-SpyWare Will track down and delete any active SpyWare of lower or equal version. 150 22500 0 102400000
Malware Logic Bomb Designed to destroy software on the host . Requires time to gather the info before action. 300 5000 0 600000000
Malware Overload Bomb Designed to overload hardware on the host. Requires time to gather the info before action. 550 7000 0 1000000000
Malware Anti-Virus Seek and destroy active malware on the host. 300 1500 0 204800000
Adware Spam Daemon Generates income by using the host CPU and bandwidth to send spam. 50 5000 3 102400000
Adware Anti-Virus Seek and destroy active adware along with any profits aquired. 250 10000 0 178400000
File Share Virus Uses the host bandwidth and some CPU for sharing files and generating income. Has to be collected on the host. 250 10000 50 3276800000
File Share Anti-Virus Seek and destroy file share virus on the host, along with any funds acquired. 500 20000 0 1024000000
Sniffer Daemon Intercepts incoming and outgoing IPs and logs them in a file on the host for future retrieval by the hacker. Allows remote passwd reset every 24 hours 50 3000 0 154800000
IP Cloaker Will prevent the Sniffer from acquiring the IP of the connecting computer. Has to be run on the connecting computer to bypass the Sniffer. 100 6000 0 154800000
IP Scanner Will scan all ports and services on the target. Reports hardware and highest version software and protection software depending on scanner version. 200 10000 0 378400000
Scan Blocker Will block any scans and timeout on the scanner if version is greater or equal then the scanner. 200 10000 0 204800000
Data uplink hijack Will make a copy of any uploaded files on the host if the version is smaller or equal to the hijacker. The files have to be retrieved by the hacker. 300 20000 1 404800000
Data hijack Anti-Virus Seek and erase any data hijacker and their stolen files. 500 30000 0 204800000
Log Deleter Will delete or modify any chosen log entries from the host. Has to be started on the connecting computer. 30 1000 0 5120000
Log UnDeleter Will recover any deleted or modified logs, if the deleter version is smaller or equal. Runs on the connecting computer. 50 3000 0 15360001
Virus Breaker A tool to capture an active virus, taking complete control of the installed virus. 300 11500 0 178400000
Revelation Virus Dooms Day virus 10000 600000 400 20480000000
Faith Anti-Virus Anti-virus for Revelation 20000 1200000 0 20480000000
Virus Identifier Software to decrypt the signature of a virus and state the user that the vir belongs to. 30 1150 0 17839999
Process Tracer Software used in retrieving an IP even after an IP Change, if the process is still up by listening to the connection between target and receiver. 2400 92000 0 178400000
/root/OS/os.sock Operating system connection to kernel 15000 0 0 1024000000
Robber Baron Virus A huge worm that requires a lot of resources to run. Only one of those beasts can be installed on a server. The virus will target a faction account. 7500 300000 1500 98304000000
Robber Baron Anti-Virus Seek and erase an active baron virus. 15000 600000 0 30720000000
Remote Attack Disruptor Started on a remote attack process, it will disrupt the attack and kill the attacking process. 2400 92000 0 178400000
IP Leech Searches for an IP in the same network. There is also a chance to find information on files in the network. 450 1350 0 76800000
IP Leech Anti-Virus Seek and destroy active IP Leech virus on the host. 225 21600 0 153600000
Remote Virus Injector Injects an installed virus on a target host, using a compressed data link. Can also inject / copy a normal file on a remote target host. 2500 125000 2 4096000000
RV Injector Anti-Virus Anti-virus for the Remote Virus Injector. 5000 250000 0 4096000000
Overload Signer Takes ownership of an overload process. If the overload process is completed, the owner will get credit for the destruction of the file. 2400 92000 0 178400000
Mutant Revelation Virus An improved version of the Revelation virus, with a self-activating matrix. 50000 3000000 2000 98304000000
MutantR Accelerator Software designed to accelerate the activation process of the mutant Revelation virus. Higher version gives more boost. 2400 92000 100 178400000
MutantR Decelerator Software designed to decelerate the activation process of the mutant Revelation virus. Higher version gives more boost. 9600 278000 0 178400000
MutantR Acc Stopper Attempts to stop a remote mutantR accelerator process. The version determines the odds to stop the process. 1200 46000 0 178400000
MutantR Dec Stopper Attempts to stop a remote mutantR decelerator process. The version determines the odds to stop the process. 1200 46000 0 178400000

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